How to Grow Old the Right Way Up

Saturday 25th January 2014

Self Belief: The Hardest Creed


Many people are happy to believe in God, in their Doctor, in the Government, in the Social System, in their Rights as Citizens, in Charitable acts, in their families, in the remedies they take, in the sky, the stars, the sun, the rain, the soil, being there all the time for them.

The reality is that the only thing we probably can believe in is ourselves. We can turn into sophistic logic of some description and even try to deny that. But that is difficult. Because we believe we know we are here; we experience hunger, cold, pleasure, pain. Paraphrasing Decartes’ “Cogito Ergo Sum”, we think, therefore we exist.

Yet, when it comes to the value of our existence, our purpose, our direction in life, even our wishes and desires, it is incredible how often we doubt. And we doubt to the point of not caring about our bodies and minds; we doubt to the point in which we discard and refuse to search for or acknowledge our purpose, our direction in life. How often this essential doubt leads us to squander our health; our ability to be happy; our time; our money.

I keep thinking of creating more of an order to these posts… but perhaps at the moment I value much the spontaneity of having thought I should continue with one of the 3 pillars of physical health, and yet in the last minute deciding, I wanted to speak about the cardinal Virtue of Faith in ourselves.

I leave you with a quote from one of my books: “I don’t know if God exists, but I am totally sure God believes in me.” (From The Thermodynamics of Love)


1. I am not a health practitioner of any description. The tips I will be giving are directly related to my personal experience and my experiences with family and friends who seem to have benefited from those tips. Please if in doubt, always consult a qualified practitioner.
2. With their permission I will be mentioning in these pages the names and expertise of many people who have contributed to my current state of health. Whenever possible  and relevant, I will be leading you to their websites or giving you a direct contact if you ask me. Nobody is or will be paying me or rewarding me in any way for doing so. I will be doing it because they are wonderful practitioners, to whom I owe much and to whom I am very happy to direct people to, for the benefit of all. I don’t and won’t recommend anyone whose help and expertise I haven’t experienced and benefited from directly.