How to Grow Old the Right Way Up


Saturday 5th April 2014


14. Alternative Way for an Alternative Life


Surely my mother had no alternative when I turned up as a relatively unwelcome present on her forty-sixth birthday. After sixteen pregnancies, she had had her Fallopian Tubes tied three years before. She went on a diet for six months of the pregnancy, nursing what she thought was the onset of menopause and not a new baby!

As a consequence, I was born with a murmur in the heart, an undeveloped liver and a weak constitution. Throughout my childhood, I had to endure an unfair amount of pain and discomfort, followed by the same unfair amount of injections, antibiotics, bullying, operations, and the customary string of side-effects, in spite of having being brought up in a home, where herbs and homeopathy were included in our first-aid kit. My Gran mother had been the first woman practising homeopath in Colombia.

I arrived into adulthood with chronic anaemia, a lifetime of pain and digestive problems, and a hypochondriac’s label, kindly assigned to me by my siblings. But I had kept the same resilience I had shown when I overcame the gigantic obstacles surrounding my birth. However, I was sure I wasn’t meant to reach middle age.

When I was twenty-six, aware of my deplorable state, a kind friend gave me a present that, in her own words, I would “never forget”. She paid for my first visit to a prestigious Bogotá’s homeopath. Within weeks of starting treatment, my health gave a real turn for the better.

Ever since, I have encountered and used many types of alternative approaches to healing myself and my four children. We have used antibiotics, painkillers or conventional medicines only a handful of times over the last 30 years. We have overcome my chronic anaemia, my liver and digestive problems, my son’s asthma, my daughter’s whopping cough, urinary infections, etc with homeopathy. My arthritis is kept at bay and my levels of energy are excellent for my age.

I have used most alternative therapies, particularly Homeopathy, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, Osteopathy, Shiatsu, Massage; also, conventional Physiotherapy. In my view, if the practitioner is good and I do my homework, the therapy works.

Instead of going around on four wheels as I used to fear, I go around the lovely Banbury paths on my two wheeled friend which makes me feel as if I was twenty.


(First published in the Banbury Magazine December 2007)


I respect medical opinions and diagnoses and I wouldn’t like to offend any good intentioned, honest and dedicated practitioner, but the reality is that much of the medical profession stands on the stilts of the Pharmaceutical industry, and the Pharmaceutical industry stands on the stilts of pain killers and repeated prescriptions. It is not convenient for them that patients get better.

I am sure the biggest majority of Medical practitioners are as innocent as you or me, when they prescribe remedies that simply suppress the symptoms for a limited period of time. Often, we don’t find a cure because we are busy keeping our illness happy by attending to the relief of symptoms rather to the treatment of the causes of the disease.

Sadly all this is supported by our laziness: it is so much easier to take a pain killer than to do a 10 minutes exercise routine…


Are you keeping your illness happy?


Or are you making sure you can continue living a useful happy life without being pushed around before your time?


A bit achy now, so off to do my first 15 minutes Yoga routine of the day.


Patrissia Cuberos



1. I am not a health practitioner of any description. The tips I will be giving are directly related to my personal experience and my experiences with family and friends who seem to have benefited from those tips. Please if in doubt, always consult a qualified practitioner.
2. With their permission I will be mentioning in these pages the names and expertise of many people who have contributed to my current state of health. See also the Links page. Whenever possible  and relevant, I will be leading you to their websites or giving you a direct contact if you ask me. Nobody is or will be paying me or rewarding me in any way for doing so. I will be doing it because they are wonderful practitioners, to whom I owe much and to whom I am very happy to direct people to, for the benefit of all. I don’t and won’t recommend anyone whose help and expertise I haven’t experienced and benefited from directly.