How to Grow Old the Right Way Up

Saturday 17th May 2014


19. Immortality



If a bird could stop

In the midst of its flight

And contemplate itself,

The miracle of stillness,

Perhaps it would be happy


What makes us so unhappy

Are yesterday; tomorrow;

What it was, what will be,

Between sorrow and hope.

What we had or we didn’t.

What will get or not;

What we were or we weren’t

What we will be or not.


If I could stop this instant

This smile, or this kiss

Or this air… or this me…



And so often it is possible, just by being present in the moment.


Patrissia Cuberos


Mindfulness is a way to be present, therefore, immortal: still, in and within the instant.

Hugh Poulton has been my most valued mindfulness and yoga teacher for many years.




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