How to Grow Old the Right Way Up

Saturday 24th May 2014


20. Dream-Live-ing



A few days ago, at the end of a lovely walk with my wonderful partner, I dropped in to see a friend of mine, much younger than me, but who gave me, a most valuable and important lesson.

We had been discussing her dream of becoming a full time Yoga teacher and having her own Yoga studio. As you will see she certainly has the wisdom to be more than just a Yoga teacher.

When she asked me if I had a dream, I answered without thinking twice: “I stopped dreaming.” The answered surprised me more than it surprised her, especially since not long ago, I suggested my readers to get busy dreaming!

Then Sarah said something very wise: she reminded me of the beautiful film UP (If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it) and of how the wife of the protagonist didn’t feel her dreams of living exotic adventures had been thwarted, as she had been living the great adventure of love.

I have been churning and turning around these ideas since that day and I have realized that although I have always prided myself of being a dreamer I had been experiencing recently, the pangs of disillusion at my failure to date, to bring to reality some of my most cherished dreams.

After all, I dreamt of creating an Art-Eco-centre for over twenty years. As the youngest of a large family, I have dreamt of success and recognition all my life. I confess one of my dreams is still- yes, I am still dreaming!- to not only to make a living but, a fortune with my talents and hard work. I’ve got a large family to help in my country and there are so many good causes in this world one could support… plus, I would love to have my own house, with space for my workshops, concerts, exhibitions… that is the big dream.

Success and recognition have been remarkably elusive, but I obviously have been forgetting all the dreams I have actually made reality, mainly because I have been living those dreams for a long time.

When I was 17, I wrote an imaginary obituary according to which I would come to live in Britain and marry an English Orchestra director. That, I did! The orchestra was made of only 10 instrumentalists, but they were utterly fantastic. You can still find our Orbestra CD’s on the internet and in my websites.

I also wrote that I would become a best seller writer in England. I am at it!

Since I was 14 I dreamt of a love relationship like the one I have with my wonderful partner. We are going to complete 10 years of what I call Superconductive Love, a love that seems to keep going in a never ending loop of tenderness, passion and compassion.

Over years of extreme poverty and struggle, I dreamt of having a life of ease, support and love. That, I have.

I hope you don’t forget ever as I did, that sometimes one stops dreaming because one is living one’s dream.



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