Sunday 13th July 2014

24. Sunday in the mind.

If you have been following this blog, you might have noticed that I have always published my posts on a Saturday. It has been my morning dedicated to this specific task.
Today, you know, it’s Sunday. I had decided to give a break to this blog as it has become increasingly difficult to commit the time on Saturdays with anniversaries (plural!) end of year concerts with my choirs, travel, etc.
But today I realized once more, how creative my mind becomes on Sundays. For years, until my health made me stop, I used to work 24/7. Nowadays my main commitment on Sundays is to make sure I keep away from any and all “have to do”. As a consequence, I am often far more productive and faster than any other day of the week.
Therefore, I am going to endeavour to create a feeling of Sunday in my mind, whenever I have the space and the time. Let me know if you try and if it works for you.
Till next time… some time on a Sunday in my mind.

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