I am hoping to become a little tidier with my posts. I became mixed up publishing How to Grow Old the Right Way Up through this, my personal blog/page.

Since I have such variety of interests, I will endeavour to publish different interests through different site/blogs, therefore if you follow one, you won’t need to be flooded by posts too often or on matters that don’t interest you.

I will be changing this page very soon too reflect that.

In the meantime, my new blog Foreignwonderer.wordpress.com, is about the eternal foreigner in wonder that I am. I am in wonder about the world that surround me. About the people of the earth… about life… about me…

If you want to know more, have a look at my websites


http://www.thethermodynamicsoflove.co.uk  for updates on the forthcoming printed publication of the first novel of the trilogy, The Secret Life of a God, and other news.