How to Grow Old the Right Way Up

Saturday 26th April 2014


The Water of Life


Although most people know the benefits of it, I still come across many who phone the Doctor or reach for a pill or the expensive cream before looking into the most natural healer and beauty aid: Water.

As we all know, water cleanses, nurtures, and is essential to the survival of all known forms of life on this planet, not to mention it makes up between 50% and 70% of our own bodies.

Water and Beauty

Drinking cold water:

  • Aids your digestive and urinary systems to get rid of toxins.
  • Fight cellulite.
  • Freshens and revives skin and hair.

Sprinkling it over your face and body:

  • Hydrates and keeps for longer a youthful, fresh complexion.
  • Over tired legs or after a hot bath or shower helps prevent and seriously lessen varicose veins.
  • It also helps to keep your skin and muscles toned all over your body.

Silver Tea/Hot Water

Sounds elegant, refined, and I dare-say, slim! And it is: A very effective way to loose weight as it dissolves excessive fat in your body. If the water is filtered it can be very pleasant and it can be drunk with fatty meals.

Water and Health

Headache:      I wonder how often you have found yourself in a situation, such as either of these:


– It is the middle of the summer. You’ve been out gardening in the afternoon or playing sports with your children or doing some other strenuous activity, or:

– It is the beginning of the winter and the heating has been on for hours, full blast!

In both instances you wake up in the middle of the night with a massive headache: you reach out for the Paracetamol and you swallow it with a glass of water. You feel better.

I suggest you try the water on its own first. You are probably dehydrated!

Stomach pain or colic: You wake up in the middle of the night with a vicious stomach cramp often deep in your right side. You fear appendicitis or even worse, some colon obstruction.

You go to the Doctor. Not appendicitis, but you might have an obstruction in the colon or in the intestine if you haven’t been drinking enough water.

Next time, before panicking, calling the Doctor or taking a pill for the cramp, try water first. Your body might be trying to squeeze out dry food!

Dry, wrenching, painful cough: Don’t reach out straight away for the expectorant, the codeine sense numbing substance and the consequent side effects. (Read the label and know your remedies!) Before calling the Doctor, just try simple, plain, cold water. Add honey if that makes you happy.

Blocked nose: Guess what! Try water first. It might not be the first symptom of a bad flu, or your sinuses or hay fever. It might be once dehydration. It seems to inflame the mucous membranes and it can also cause sore throat. All because of lack of water!!

Cloudy mind: It might not be old age or depression: your brain might just need water!

Hangover: Most drinkers know that there is nothing better for that dreadful “morning after” than drinking more… water!

And the Foe! Yes! Even water is not good in excess and you can become dehydrated if you drink too much. At least a couple of people have been known to have died from drinking too much water!

Don‘t make of it another addiction. Just drink as much as it feels good for you. Remember, the nomads in the Australian forest live with only a few drops every day.

Finally a couple of recipes for beauty and health of body and mind:

–          Add to your water, hot or cold, lemon and a bit of honey. Excellent for colds, and just for taste.

–          Add 1/3 unsweetened apple juice, cinnamon and a bit of honey. Great for warming up if you use hot water. You can swap the apple juice for ginger beer for a bit of spice.

Happy drinking!

Patrissia Cuberos



1. I am not a health practitioner of any description. The tips I will be giving are directly related to my personal experience and my experiences with family and friends who seem to have benefited from those tips. Please if in doubt, always consult a qualified practitioner.
2. With their permission I will be mentioning in these pages the names and expertise of many people who have contributed to my current state of health. See also the Links page. Whenever possible  and relevant, I will be leading you to their websites or giving you a direct contact if you ask me. Nobody is or will be paying me or rewarding me in any way for doing so. I will be doing it because they are wonderful practitioners, to whom I owe much and to whom I am very happy to direct people to, for the benefit of all. I don’t and won’t recommend anyone whose help and expertise I haven’t experienced and benefited from directly.