How to Grow Old the Right Way Up

Saturday 3rd May 2014


17. Destiny or Choice?

Will I be happy?

Will I be rich?

Will I find love?

Those questions and many more complex ones have pressed the human mind since the dawn of time.

Our ancestors looked at the stars, convinced that if those twinkling eyes could guide them through the perils of a sea voyage, they must also hold answers to guide them through the hazards of life.

They created all manner of divination systems and tried to read the signs of anything and everything that fell into their hands.

But hang on! Hands! Soon enough, they realized that hands had those very peculiar lines, which resembled a map: a personal one, to explore and perhaps to explain the mystery of their lives.

My precocious wonderings started when I was about eight years old, together with an early awareness of the fact that every day there were choices to be made, which could lead to different consequences. I could choose to eat my sister’s boyfriend’s Valentine’s gift, a chocolate dog that sat day by day sad and forlorn on her shelf with “eat me!” written all over his face. But the consequences might be very costly! More so since my sister was 15 years older than me, and enormous in my view!

I opted for the middle way choice, and nibbled it slowly and consistently, starting with the tail. My sister only discovered my mischief when the only bits left were the front paws and the head. With my clever choice I delayed the punishment for a couple of months, and it was gentler than if I had eaten the whole thing in one go. She couldn’t help finding my cunning very amusing!

Soon I discovered the map written on the palm of my hand, so curiously different from the ones on the hands of my brothers and sisters.

By the age of 10, aided by my own instinct and the one book on the subject I found in my limited home library, I became a School Celebrity as I undertook enthusiastically the reading of palms, surrounded by a circle of curious, huge 16 to 18 year olds.

Soon enough also, I was worrying, literally to death! about the fact that my lifeline was noticeably shorter than most people’s. This discovery only came to confirm existing fears as I had been born and grown up against all odds, with a murmur in the heart, a weak liver and a very fragile constitution.

I wondered if having been born and having survived was my fate and if it was all written in immutable characters all over my hands or….if I had any choice.

I worked out, aided mostly by the Greek system that my life would end at around the time when I would reach 41. My increasing poor health seemed to confirm this possibility.

Part of me accepted this happily. I dreaded old age with all its health hazards of which I had already experienced more than my fair share. I also hated the idea of becoming even uglier than I already thought I was.

But then, one day, I reached 36. I was by then the mother of two young children, and I was convinced I had only 5 years to live!

I went into a huge depression. Then, helped by homeopathy and weekly visits to a psychiatrist, but perhaps more than anything by my resilience and my unorthodox faith, I pulled out and I decided I wanted to live. And I wanted to live a full life, free of fear.

From that moment on, my life became a whirlwind of events, some happy some very unhappy. By the time I reached 41, I had experienced a several forms of death, represented by the horrors of two years of sever depression, and the death of my marriage to a man I loved very much, but also by the death of my old self. Instead I experienced the birth of my wonderful youngest son, together with my own birth as a new, stronger, happier person.

I had to face life alone in a foreign country, with four children, no family or relatives, no money or support. Yet, I’ve never fallen into depression again.

Curiously enough, the life and love lines in the palms of my hand developed extra branches as I found a fulfilling way of living and a wonderful love relationship….


To summarize, in my view, hands, and other forms of divination, probably contain some sort of map which shows our genetic heritage and the particular circumstances that surrounded our birth. But as with all maps, it also contains thousands of possible turns and routes, which are entirely our choice to take.

Till next time, trusting you will make the best choice for your life today and every single day of your life.

Patrissia Cuberos



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